Super Lunch 2019


Super lunch is a summer program June 3-August 9 focused on giving kids lunch and  teaching kids more about Jesus. This summer will be our fourth year to go to 2 local apartment complexes in the Mid-Cities and give a free hot lunch to 80 children who might not get lunch otherwise. Our program lasts 10 weeks. Two times a week we will spend about 30 minutes doing activities with the kids and teaching the kids about the Super Heroes of Bible. To make Super Lunch happen we need your help. If you would like to donate to Super Lunch click the donate button below and write Super Lunch in the comments section. Any amount you can give to Super Lunch will help, whether you give 1 meal or the summer. Thanks so much in advance for your prayers and gifts for Super Lunch.

Ways you can help

  • Pray for the Kids and our TTC Lunch team

  • Feed one child lunch for 10 weeks this summer for  $200

  • Give one lunch $4

  • Just six weeks left until launch date! We greatly still need your help! 

  • $60 gives one child lunch for the remaining weeks

  • Over 19,000 meals served in the previous three years!