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Here's the backstory...

      Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, our world has been an increasingly difficult place of social unrest, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of self dignity, hyper inflation, the drum beats of war...too much turmoil and little stress relief on the horizon. 

      Against this backdrop, "Other Things with..." provides meaningful conversations with people who have struggles in life, yet continue to move forward in the pursuit of a life of hope and an optimistic future. Their stories are offered to you as a means to inspire and encourage you to move forward with your life and dream again, in spite of what comes at you from this life.

      Vibrant communities within our cities are necessary for the good health of our people. When people become isolated from one another they are susceptible to sleeplessness, reduced immune function, higher anxiety, depression, and suicide. Physical and emotional isolation not only creates emotional suffering but can also aggravate existing health problems and even contribute to early death.

      "Other Things with Phil Murrell" is a conversation with Phil Murrelll, host of YouTube show "Live at Bill's," that will encourage and inspire you to seek out community with others and work toward a common goal or interest. Phil shares with Kenny how a group of friends endured and thrived in the midst of the pandemic by facing the restrictions with a can-do attitude that adapted to the changes in a successful way, that resulted in a labor of love that now brings them together to celebrate their love for each other and their love for music.

      Watch Phil as he shares his struggles and ultimate successes within the midst of the twist and turns of life. You will be inspired to revisit abandoned life hopes and dreams, and experience a renewed commitment to investing time in meaningful relationships with people who share common interests and goals.  Enjoy!

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