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YT link to "Other Things with Mark Maxwell"

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Here's the backstory...

      Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, our world has been an increasingly difficult place of social unrest, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of self dignity, hyper inflation, the drum beats of war...too much turmoil and little stress relief on the horizon.

      Against this backdrop, "Other Things with..." provides meaningful conversations with people who have struggles in life, yet continue to move forward in the pursuit of a life of hope and an optimistic future. Their stories are offered to you as a means to inspire and encourage you to move forward with your life and dream again, in spite of what comes at you from this life.

      Mark H. Maxwell is a 21st Century Renaissance Man! By day he is one of the top entertainment attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee; by night he is Adjunct Professor in the Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at prestigious Belmont University , historically planted at the end of the famous "Music Row"-home to record companies and entertainment industry companies. Throughout his three decades in the music industry, he has been committed to counseling and connecting creatives who shape culture. He is a passionate advocate and lover of the arts, music, and film. He has a recognized history of integrity, excellence and professional service to the creative community that is marked by his personal humility and impeccable ethics.
      At age 25, Mark was promoted by Word Records to become the youngest “A&R” executive in his industry where he served as Executive Producer on numerous albums which received Grammy, Billboard and Dove awards and nominations. 
      As an entertainment attorney, Mark represents a diverse roster of celebrities, record labels, music publishers, artists, bands, worship leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, songwriters, artist managers, record producers, churches, technology companies and entertainment executives concerning their intellectual property, business affairs and creative assets. He also has an extraordinary ability to speak to the hearts of creatives while helping them discover their voice and clarify their creative dreams and assignments.
      As a professor, Mark is in his twelfth-year teaching in Belmont University’s prestigious music business and songwriting program, the Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business. His role as a professor has been a natural extension of his core value to mentor the next generation of creatives and business professionals by instilling moral purpose, passionate creativity, independent thinking and risk-taking in and outside the classroom.
      As an author, Mark is the author of a biographical book that shares his insights into a successful life approach that spans from personal to business, “Networking Kills: Success Through Serving”.
      Regardless of what you do in life or where you are on the age spectrum, you will gain encouragement and inspiration from this show.


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