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Podcast Mini-Series:  

All Things Christmas 

Listen to the Music

Plain Revelation

The Biblical Teaching of Dr. William E. Bell

Episode 195 "Holy Week" Hyperlinks

The Gospel of Matthew (2 links) 21-24 25-28

The Gospel of Mark 11-16

The Gospel of Luke 19:28-Luke 24

The Gospel of John 18-20

The sigh of Jonah Explained

Learn Religion Holy Timeline


The Passion of the Christ links on IMDB

Bible Project The Crucifixion of Jesus

Bible Project The Resurrection of Jesus

The Gospel accounts of Holy Week Google Search

Bonus link-Dotdash Meredith

Audio Encouragement

Discipleship Library over 60 years of audio tracks of Christian teaching

A.W. Tozer “Holy Spirit”

Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones : The Mystery of Prayer 

Dr. Jeff Schreve "Peacemaker"

Book Encouragement

Stuart Briscoe classic "All Things Weird and Wonderful" on Ezkiel. (digital loan on  

J.P. Moreland A Simple Guide to Experience Miracles

YouTube Spiritual/Soul Encouragement

Restore Your Life's Purpose | Joshua 1:9 Be strong and courageous.

Kirk Cameron – American Campfire Revival on YouTube

Spiritual daily countdown until January 1. 2022. Here is a sample; search YouTube for his latest episode. This one is powerful and encouraging!

The Bible Project  

BibleProject is a nonprofit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos. Our videos and all of our other resources are available for free to help people everywhere experience the unified story of the Bible. For the entire list of our localized channels visit


Home base for our podcast.

Contact Us with Questions about the Podcast!

YouVersion The Bible App   

500 million downloads! Free! Multifaceted Bible with audio capabilities! 

Bible.Is Audio Bible 

a great Bible app with well done audio

 The Bible Project Resources  

Plan of Salvation


This free full-length movie tells the story of Jesus and God's plan to redeem mankind to himself. The film is based on the Gospel of Luke and available in over 1,800 other languages. 

The BEST simple book on how to study your Bible, and less than100 pages long! Click the image for Amazon order page.  

Thanksgiving & Christmas

Andrea Love – Stop Motion Artist and Cinematographer

Looney Tunes Christmas Compilation – 4 hrs

Letter of Exemption to Vaccine

Hyper link to book "The Joy of Discovery in Bible Study" featured on Amazon
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