Kenny Price

Executive Director

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Kenny's goal is to “Transform This City – One Life at a Time.” He really does believe that a vibrant city full of caring people who live happy, productive lives can be a reality and not just a dream. He has personally witnessed the transformation of people’s lives that has resulted in healed hurts, mended relationships, restored families, and successful lives. It all started with caring mentorship by several men, starting with his 6th Sunday School teacher Mr. Dennis and extending to his former pastor Dr. James T. Draper, then key college professors.  Someone asked him recently about the term in our name “This City”. “This City” is any city where our organization is invited to serve. Our target area of attention first is global, starting with Nashville – Kenny's home base. In addition to the economic poverty that is overtaking our young, there is increasing social poverty of every kind that manifests itself through failed marriages, alcoholism, drug use, domestic violence, decayed spirituality, and every form of crime. Against this backdrop of increasing poverty, Kenny desires to lead our ministry to make a difference everywhere we can. Kenny has been actively involved in meeting the needs of people since the age of seventeen (45 years in ministry), where he started as a Summer Youth Associate Minister at First Baptist Church in Euless. Since then, he has served in various capacities in the local church, including Student Pastor, Married Adult Pastor, Worship Leader, Business Administrator, Minister of Education, and Senior Pastor, as well as Director of Community Ministries with 6 Stones Mission Network. He is a twice graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a BA in Religion and an MA in Biblical Studies. All of his previous experience has prepared him for this ministry and mission. He's been married to his wife and ministry partner Susan for over 40 years! They have two adult children, Colton and Joseph. Their sons are both graduates of Dallas Baptist University, each earning a degree in Music Business. Colton is married to Katherine and they have two children! Joseph is married to Claire and they have one child. All three families now live in the Nashville area. Kenny's whole family loves music, family gatherings, and the great outdoors.