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Here's the backstory...

      Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, our world has been an increasingly difficult place of social unrest, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of self dignity, hyper inflation, the drum beats of war...too much turmoil and little stress relief on the horizon. 

      Against this backdrop, "Other Things with..." provides meaningful conversations with people who have struggles in life, yet continue to move forward in the pursuit of a life of hope and an optimistic future. Their stories are offered to you as a means to inspire and encourage you to move forward with your life and dream again, in spite of what comes at you from this life.

     Dianna Booher is a bestselling author and Book Coach and CEO at Dianna has had forty nine book volumes published with a total of over four million total books published. She shares some great  insights into designing your "signature life" of excellence and how to discover your calling in life by analyzing the 6Ps: (1) Power Tools/Provisions (2) Passion (3) Plot or Path (4) Praise (5) Positive Results (6) Peace.

     Dianna also gives the backstory on how she got her start as a successful author and businesswoman, overcoming some major life obstacles. Her commitment to excellence is contagious and encouraging to people of all backgrounds. From the blue collar to the board room, Dianna's life approach and giftedness is applicable to all of us. Dianna has an encouraging word especially for women who feel trapped by what some people call a "glass ceiling" in the realm of corporate advancement: work for yourself. She explains how that came to be her career path plus much more!

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